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Aspen Builders is a full service residential remodeling company serving the greater metropolitan Denver area.  Aspen Builders specializes in basement finishing, kitchen remodeling, bathroom renovation and general home updates.

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Aspen Builders blog of ideas for basement finishing, kitchen and bathroom remodeling and whole house updates and renovations

How to Add Luxury to Your Denver Home Remodeling Project

Aspen Builders

Snow-capped mountains, the beauty of the city's skyline and mild temperatures all describe the majesty and beauty of the city of Denver. The picturesque scenery provides the backdrop for many postcards and national publications. Being in a beautiful environment such as Denver motivates Denver residents to update their homes in a manner that is consistent with the beauty of their environment. Consequently, Denver home remodeling tasks can often be expensive. However, with a few helpful tips and elbow grease your dream home will not only be a figment of your imagination but an actual reality at a low cost.

If your Denver home remodeling budget does not accommodate updating the entire home then focus on two key areas that are sure to maximize your investment--the kitchen and bathrooms. Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes and your home's appraisal value will skyrocket with these updates. Granite countertops are Denver home remodeling favorites; however natural stone products work well also. Rid yourself of the outdated laminate flooring and have a neutral-colored tile installed instead. Make sure your replacement decisions are not based on trends and current fads, but on classic pieces that can add elegance and joy to your home which will prevent you from feeling compelled to remodel your home again in the next five years because your Denver home remodeling exploit is already outdated.

Be sure to hire a reputable, bonded and referred Denver home remodeling company that will assist in making your remodeling dreams come true. If you absolutely love your neighbors’ kitchen or a remodel they had done in their home, ask for their contractors contact info and schedule an interview or consultation. Be sure to explain your remodeling goals in great detail. Do not take it for granted the contractor will know exactly what your design goals are if you are vague in your descriptions to him/her. Also, during this consultation negotiate the price you are willing to spend. In most cases, you will exceed your budget but make sure you are comfortable with the quoted amount. If not, continue to look for another contractor. Most contractors negotiate so be sure to do so.

Your Denver home remodeling project will be full of excitement and exasperation. The best way to prevent the remodeling blues is to hire a great team that will execute your vision, leave some wiggle room in your budget for unanticipated design "hiccups" and be patient. Your Denver home remodeling project may take some time to be completed and living in a home that is being remodeled is not a task for the weak at heart; however, know that it will be well worth the wait once the remodel is finished and you can enjoy the luxurious environment of Denver inside of the confines of your home. 

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